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We are a Cloud Gaming Platform unlike any out there today. Capable of delivering games to 2D, Stereoscopic 3D, Auto-Stereoscopic 3D, 4K and even to Head Mounted VR Displays! We can do all this without the need for a powerful broadband connection and can allow offline gameplay as well! Start playing a AAA title in under 60 seconds as though it is natively installed on your PC. Update? Piracy? All a thing of the past! We are the fastest and easiest method of delivering games to gamers. Having Showcased at the EuroGamer 2012 as well as the Cloud Gaming Summit 2013, we will be bringing this magnificent platform to you in the weeks after GDC. For more information, watch out for our Public Demo or reach out on the Contact page.

Project N
2 Eaton Gate
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 77322 00006